All in One Kit Pumpkin Carving Kit

    Pumpkin Masters All in One kit features large handled tools that safely saw through the pumpkin with precision. Comes with 8 patterns and a range of difficulty levels so there is something for everyone to carve.

    Floating Ghosts Illusion Decorating & Lighting Kit

    Easily create the illusion of ghosts flying out of your pumpkin! This decorating & lighting kit features 1 high intensity light, 1 suspension assembly, and 1 ghost cutout.

    Plus Up Your Pumpkin

    Bring your pumpkin to life with safe-to-use tools and patterns included in the All in One Pumpkin Carving Kit. Then, make your pumpkin spookier than ever with the Floating Ghosts Illusion Decorating & Lighting Kit. Trick or Treaters will be amazed as the ghost appears to be floating above the pumpkin!

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